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Increase In Car Accidents Along Interstate 40

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Mt. Juliet police are reporting an unprecedented increase in car accidents along Interstate 40, near the Providence area. The cause of the accidents is drivers speeding through the multi-million dollar road construction project by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT). The road has been under construction since 2012, in order to widen it from a two lane to a four lane and is expected to end by the end of this year.

A police sergeant reported that the cause of the increase is not due to construction, but people’s failure to obey the warning signs posted in construction zones. The speed limit change from 70 to 60 is simply not being obeyed when drivers enter into construction zone. Police worry that the failure of drivers to obey posted warning signs could lead to a fatal car accident or a serious construction accident. Because of the noticeable failure to obey the law, state police will now heavily patrolling the area to avoid serious accidents. Drivers caught speeding could receive a several hundred dollar fine.

It is best to obey posted warning signs, even when other drivers disregard them. You never know if construction or traffic stops will suddenly appear, leaving you little time to slow down. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident due to a negligent or distracted driver, please call our Nashville car accident attorney at (615) 866-3938. You may be entitle to a settlement.

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