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After Serious Accidents, Tennessee Residents Heal Through Faith

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Serious accidents and catastrophic injuries throw our lives into chaos. We assume that major car and truck crashes are things that happen to other people, not us, nor our husbands, wives or children. Coming to terms with a new reality – our loved ones are gone; a brain injury is changing how my spouse behaves; I am having trouble paying my bills while trying to heal physically – is a stressful, frustrating process. Each person’s recovery is different, but one fact remains constant: we cannot do it alone.

SOLUTIONS IN FAITH AFTER DAMAGING ACCIDENTS recently ran a story about a Dresden, Tennessee teenager who was in a serious car accident. The high school student, who was about to begin his senior year, crashed his car into a tree. He sustained multiple injuries, including broken ribs, severed nerves, dislocations and a traumatic brain injury.

Throughout the whole ordeal, he said he found strength and stability by putting his faith in God. He trusted that he was on the right path, that everything was happening for a reason and that things would work out as they should…even if that meant not fully recovering from the injuries.

Even though doctors said that he would not be able to participate in sports for a long time after the injury, they ultimately cleared him to play on the basketball team for his last season. He says his speedy recovery has renewed his faith and inspired him to become more active in his church youth group. He says he now takes nothing for granted, “even the little things.”


The powers of faith, family and community can move mountains. When you are in a vulnerable situation, never forget that there is a wide network of supporting people waiting to help you recover. The first step is simply asking for it, and learning what you can do to move forward after a devastating trauma disrupts your life.

If you were in an accident, or if you are caring for someone who is seriously injured and needs your help, consider speaking to an attorney who represents the injured. Accidents affect the whole family, and if you had to take time off work to care for a loved one, you could receive compensation for those lost wages.

Stan Davis acts not just as a lawyer, but as a trusted friend and member of the community. There is no charge to meet with him to find out if he can help you and your family.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. – Phillippians 4:13 (the injured teen’s favorite Bible verse)

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