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Tragic Nashville Rollover Accident Kills at Least One Person

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Last month, an SUV rollover accident occurred in the Murfreesboro Pike area between Mt. View Road and Summercrest. According to reports, the car smashed through a telephone poll and left live, hanging wires in its wake. The driver and passenger were ejected from the SUV and taken to a local hospital, where one would later die.

While the exact cause of this one-vehicle rollover accident is under investigation, being ejected from an SUV that is flipping over certainly contributed to the extent of the driver and passenger’s injuries. That said, it is possible that defective SUV design contributed to the rollover accident.


Rollover accidents occur when a vehicle flips over onto the side or the roof. While this can occur with pickup trucks, overloaded semi-trucks and vans, rollovers most often occur with SUVs. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found rollover crashes are the type of crash more likely than any other to result in fatalities.

While there is nothing more dangerous and terrifying than losing control of your vehicle, you count on your vehicle and its design to protect you when the worst happens. However, if the structural integrity of your SUV fails due to a safety defect, your life is at risk and the manufacturer needs to be held responsible for any injuries caused.

A crushed roof combined with a top-heavy vehicle, like an SUV, is the primary cause of deaths and catastrophic injuries that occur during rollover accidents. Weak points, thin metal and holes in the sheet cause the roof to collapse, where a stronger roof could maintain a space and provide more protection to passengers in a dangerous situation.

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