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Three People Lost Their Lives in a Wrong-Way Accident

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Three people lost their lives in a horrible wrong-way accident last month. According to the report from the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the incident occurred in the morning on Interstate 65. The report says one car was driving southbound when it crossed over the median into oncoming northbound traffic and slammed into another sedan before the car was ripped in half by a semi-truck that was unable to avoid the accident.

In this case, all involved in the accident were wearing seat belts. However, the impact of the accident was so violent, one driver was still ejected from the vehicle. The chief of the highway patrol said this is one of the most horrific crashes he has seen in 28 years.


Police do not currently know the cause of the accident, but they speculate it may have been because of speeding, mechanical error, distracted driving or a combination of any of these. Typically, however, wrong-way accidents occur under these circumstances:

  • Most wrong-way accidents happen late at night, usually between midnight and 5 a.m.
  • Wrong-way accidents can occur on highways with confusing exit and entrance ramp designs
  • Most wrong-way accidents occur due to driving under the influence of drugs or drunk driving.

Most wrong-way accidents are high velocity head-on collisions, which usually results in serious or fatal injuries. They are also hard for drivers to avoid as most victims are rarely able to expect or predict the wrong-way driver’s intended movements, so the victim cannot evade them.


The chief of the Tennessee Highway Patrol will submit a request to the Tennessee Department of Transportation to add more signs along this stretch of highway, which he says people are prone to speed up to 90 miles per hour on. He will also ask that a speedometer be installed at the bottom of the hills to help drivers manage their speed. A median between the two highway stretches would likely also help to prevent drivers from crossing over and causing wrong-way accidents.

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