Chrysler Violated Laws Designed to Protect Consumers from Faulty Vehicles

Nashville Auto Recall Attorney on Chrysler Facing Sanctions Over Violation of Safety Laws

Fiat Chrysler is in the news for violating multiple vehicle safety laws and botching several product recalls. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the violations are part of a long-standing pattern with Chrysler that the sanctions aim to break. For years, Chrysler has failed to put together the correct action on automobile recalls, putting thousands at risk.

There are many violations that Chrysler is accused of committing. Some of the main problems with Chrysler vehicles that the company has failed to fully address include:

  • Rear-mounted gas tanks that can catch on fire in car crashes
  • Wheels that lock up as a result of parts coming loose
  • Airbags that spew shrapnel upon explosion
  • Ignition switches that abruptly turn off

In addition to these issues, the company is accused of failing to contact vehicle owners about the recalls and failing to provide enough repair parts for owners that wish to correct the problem with their vehicle. As of now, Chrysler faces up to $35 million in fines per violation, but the court may not necessarily apply the highest level of fine to each violation.

How Do I Know If My Car Has Been Recalled?

Automakers are required to give notice to vehicle owners when a recall is issued, but the notification often does not come until a couple of months after the recall is issued. If you do wait for the recall, it should show up in the mail. But if you suspect that your vehicle might be part of a larger recall because of defective parts, you can go to and search for recalls for your vehicle using its VIN number. If your vehicle has been recalled, contact your local dealer.

What Should I Do If a Vehicle Defect Caused a Car Accident?

If you are the victim of an auto defect that caused you to get hurt in a car wreck, you could be entitled to compensation from the automaker. Every year, thousands of individuals are harmed in car accidents that can be attributed to recalled vehicles with faulty auto parts. Contact our dedicated Nashville auto recall attorney about your case today.


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