Hurt in a Pedestrian Accident?

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Nashville Helping Those Hurt Near the Road

Nashville pedestrian accident lawyer Stanley A. Davis offers legal help to pedestrians and their families in and around Nashville who have suffered injury and emotional strain due to a driver’s neglect. He understands that you may be in a place where you have no idea how to move forward.

Pedestrian attorney Stan Davis will guide you and your family in this difficult time, not because he is your personal injury attorney – but because he is also your Nashville neighbor.

Why You Need a Nashville Pedestrian Accident Lawyer After a Pedestrian Injury

Many pedestrian injury settlements offered by insurance companies do not sufficiently cover the true costs of personal injury or loss caused by the pedestrian accident. Nashville pedestrian accident lawyer Stan Davis believes his clients should focus on their recovery and not have to worry about whether the injury settlement offer they receive is fair. He will take on this stress for his clients while investigating the pedestrian car accident that caused their injuries. Through legal action, Stan can help victims of Nashville pedestrian accidents gain compensation for the following:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages
  • Lost job benefits
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • The sheer pain and suffering

As a civil trial specialist in the state of Tennessee, Stan has the experience in and out of the courtroom you need when pursuing fair injury compensation. Since founding the firm in 1997, accident attorney Stan Davis has obtained millions of dollars in accident verdicts or settlements for people seriously injured and those grieving the loss of their loved ones.

How to Find Fault in Nashville Pedestrian Accidents

The experienced counsel of a Nashville pedestrian accident lawyer may be needed to determine who is at fault or if there is shared fault after a pedestrian car accident. Even if you think you may have contributed to the collision, you may still be entitled to seek damages. Learn more about common causes of pedestrian accidents in Tennessee.

Tennessee has a legal rule called comparative negligence. With comparative negligence, the court may find that both the negligent actions of yourself and the other party involved in the pedestrian accident are each a specific percentage responsible for the accident occurring. This means that any damages awarded will be diminished by this percentage.

For example, say a pedestrian was seriously injured while jaywalking (crossing the street illegally) and the driver was also found to be intoxicated or texting while driving at the time of the accident. The court may find that because the pedestrian did not use a crosswalk, he or she is 20 percent at fault for the pedestrian crash. If the award for the pedestrian accident lawsuit totals $25,000 for medical bills, loss of wages and other damages, the 20 percent fault would reduce the amount to $20,000.

Is the Driver Always at Fault for a Pedestrian Accident?

One wrong belief our Nashville pedestrian accident lawyer sees in his personal injury law practice is that the driver is always at fault. While those behind the wheel must be extra cautious around pedestrians and in areas where pedestrians may be present, if a pedestrian acts recklessly and these actions cause someone driving cautiously to become involved in a collision, the law may find the pedestrian shares responsibility for the pedestrian accident.

It can be complex determining exactly who should be held accountable after a car accident with a pedestrian. Your Nashville personal injury attorney must investigate the key facts of your pedestrian accident case, including the location of the accident, whether the driver or pedestrian used the appropriate amount of care and other important accident details.

When you hire personal injury attorney Stan Davis, he will use his best legal resources, investigators and pedestrian accident reconstruction experts to figure out what really happened. Stan is prepared to pursue justice and compensation from the party who recklessly caused your injuries.

Free Legal Advice from a Nashville Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Near Me

Some insurance companies will not offer you the full compensation you deserve, which is why having a Nashville pedestrian accident lawyer on your side is essential. Stan will provide the guidance and advice you need to make the very best decision for yourself and your family. He accepts most personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no attorney fees unless he is successful in recovering money for your case. Call (615) 845-6141 to schedule your free case discussion today.

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