What Causes Pedestrian Accidents in Nashville?

Tennessee Pedestrian Accident Attorney Gaining Compensation for Pedestrian Car Accident Victims

pedWhen you are walking down the sidewalk or across a crosswalk, you should be able to expect reasonable safety. Unfortunately, reality does not always meet this expectation. Every year, thousands of pedestrians suffer severe or fatal personal injuries while trying to cross the street, walking down sidewalks or near roads. The bottom line is a pedestrian accident typically involves negligence, and many times, a negligent or distracted driver is the one at fault for pedestrian injuries.

Nashville pedestrian accident attorney Stanley A. Davis is committed to holding negligent motorists accountable on behalf of pedestrian injury victims and families dealing with pedestrian fatalities. His work in Tennessee pedestrian accidents includes a significant recovery of a $500,000 insurance policy settlement for the family of a pedestrian struck and killed in Davidson County. As a strong, experienced litigator, pedestrian accident attorney Stan Davis is ready to help you fight for the financial compensation you need after a devastating Nashville pedestrian accident.

Common Causes of Nashville Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents happen in a flash, and often followed by questions of how something like this could have happened. There are usually a few possible explanations as to why a pedestrian accident may have occurred. Pedestrian car accidents are unfortunately very common in Nashville, with 5 to 10 percent of roadway accident deaths in Tennessee involving pedestrian fatalities.

Out of the entire nation, Nashville ranks among the most dangerous metro areas for pedestrians. If you were the victim of a Nashville pedestrian accident, it may be because of one of the following issues:

  • Reckless Drivers: A reckless driver can easily end up careening towards a pedestrian, or cause another vehicle to swerve and accidentally hit a pedestrian.
  • Distracted Drivers: Many drivers only fail to pay attention to the flow of traffic ahead of them or when turning, striking pedestrians in crosswalks or hitting pedestrians while texting or talking on cell phones.
  • Drunk Drivers: Drunk drivers can be easily distracted and have slower reaction times, making it more likely for them to hit pedestrians walking in what they believed to be safe areas.
  • Car Defects: Brake failures and sudden tire blowouts due to defective parts can end tragically for pedestrians who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when vehicle defects cause accidents.

Any of these accident scenarios can end in severe pedestrian injury. Tennessee drivers who fail to regard not only the vehicles, but also any pedestrians that are or could be traveling around them, may be held accountable for negligence in Nashville pedestrian accident claims.

When this happens, the person who acted negligently and his or her insurance company should pay the medical bills, pain, suffering and the other incredible losses pedestrian accident victims suffer in collisions.

Call a Personal Injury Attorney after a Tennessee Pedestrian Accident

If you suffered injuries as a pedestrian, or a loved one suffered wrongful death in a Nashville pedestrian accident, the Law Office of Stanley A. Davis is here for you. Our pedestrian accident attorney will fight for you to get fair accident compensation and the justice you deserve. Call our law office today to learn how pedestrian accident attorney Stan Davis can help during a free attorney consultation.

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