Delivery Truck Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Nashville Truck Accident Attorney Holding Delivery Companies and Drivers Responsible

Commercial vehicles are incredibly important to the economy of Tennessee. Types of delivery trucks include box trucks, delivery vans as well as UPS and FedEx delivery trucks. While not as big and heavy as semi trucks or tractor-trailers, commercial vehicles are still larger than the average passenger car and can cause serious damage when involved in a crash.

Similar to 18 wheeler wrecks, many factors also contribute to commercial vehicle accidents. This can make determining the cause of the crash complex. After a commercial vehicle accident, you need a qualified truck accident attorney representing your best interests, who can help you figure out what went wrong, who is at fault and seek the financial recovery you are entitled to under the law.

Nashville truck accident attorney Stanley A. Davis is committed to helping his Tennessee community when something devastating like a delivery truck accident happens. He has not only helped clients in his hometown of Nashville win millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for personal injury claims, he has successfully represented victims and families in Murfreesboro, Franklin, Gallatin and across the state recover compensation for their injuries and losses in commercial vehicle accidents. If your faith is being tested and the delivery company is pressuring you to settle or otherwise trying to silence your voice, call our attorney for free legal advice today.

What Causes Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

The number of delivery trucks on the road has been on the rise since online ordering and commercial shipping has increased in popularity. However, unlike semi truck drivers, drivers of delivery truck are not required to have any special license or certification showing they have received training in how to drive a box truck or van safely. Many companies also do not offer new employees any additional training or practice maneuvering these large vehicles. As a result, some drivers of commercial vehicles are not prepared for the weight and decreased maneuverability, and may be more likely to cause commercial vehicle accidents.

Another factor that may contribute to commercial vehicle accidents is the pressure placed on the delivery drivers. Delivery trucks usually operate within one city and have a set number of locations they are required to visit each day. Traffic conditions are always changing, and drivers are more likely to take unnecessary risks if they are rushing to meet their delivery quotas.

To make matters worse, delivery drivers may find that their schedules are overloaded as the delivery companies they work for try to keep up with demands. This is especially true of FedEx, UPS and other trucking companies that experience huge increases in the amount of business around the holidays.

Delivery drivers are sometimes required to work long hours, which could cause dangerous drowsy or distracted driving. They may also speed or drive recklessly in an effort to deliver everything in one day, which has been the cause of many reported UPS trucking and FedEx truck accidents.

Our Nashville Attorney Can Help You File a Personal Injury Lawsuit after a Delivery Truck Accident

Truck accident attorney Stan Davis has experience with the complicated problem of commercial vehicle accidents and will sort through the mess to determine who exactly is responsible if you are injured in a crash. He is not afraid to hold local and major delivery companies accountable if a mail truck, UPS truck or FedEx truck accident harms you. He knows the questions to ask and the people to call to uncover if a negligent driver, poor hiring and training practices or overdue truck repairs are to blame.

Our attorney works on a contingency fee basis, meaning you will not pay any attorney fees until you win your case. The Law Office of Stanley A. Davis is located in Nashville, with the resource to accept clients from nearby Smyrna, Lebanon and everywhere in between. Call today for a free consultation about your ability to recover compensation in a delivery truck accident claim.

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