Injured Working as a Taxi Driver in Tennessee?

Nashville Taxi Accident Lawyer on Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Claims for Cab Drivers

Photo of personal injuries from car accidentBeing a taxi driver is not easy, and nothing can interrupt the life and livelihood of a taxi driver like a taxi accident or any other situation that causes serious personal injury on the job. While some taxi drivers are classified as employees of a taxi company, many cab drivers are independent contractors who have limited means to gain compensation after taxi driver accidents.

Taxi accident lawyer Stanley A. Davis has spent much of his practice helping workers, including hundreds of cab drivers, with personal injury and Tennessee workers compensation cases. He has the experience necessary to navigate you through the process of obtaining personal injury compensation from the appropriate parties to cover damages from a taxi driver accident that can help you recover.

What are Potential Risks of Taxi Driving in Nashville?

Driving a taxi in Nashville can be an interesting job, to say the least. Tennessee taxi drivers meet customers from all walks of life and may drive all over the state. However, along with the interesting aspects of the job come a number of potential hazards for taxi drivers, such as:

  • Getting into a taxi driver accident with another vehicle, even when cab drivers use extreme caution and care while driving
  • Stress and strain injuries from repetitive movement and other workplace ergonomic conditions
  • Passengers that distract or assault taxi drivers and cause devastating personal injuries

When personal injuries occur in a taxi accident, gaining compensation may depend on the employment classification of the taxi driver. Some taxi drivers are employees of taxi companies and can thus file for taxi driver workers compensation. Other cab drivers in Tennessee work as independent contractors. A personal car insurance policy may provide some compensation for independent contractor taxi drivers who suffer accident injuries. Some can drivers may file lawsuits against the individuals responsible for the taxi driver accidents.

Differences between Employee and Independent Contractor Classifications for Nashville Taxi Drivers

There are some key differences between taxi drivers classified as independent contractors and employees, especially in the event of a crash. Employees typically must follow close directives from their employer about clocking in and follow company policies from which independent contractors are exempt. However, taxi driver employees do enjoy a number of employee benefits that contractors do not receive. These benefits include things like Tennessee workers compensation coverage for compensation after job injuries.

Independent contractors are subject to less control by the taxi companies under which they operate. Independent taxi driver contractors typically choose their own hours. Additionally, they are not subject to some of the same rules as employees. However, Nashville taxi driver independent contractors do not receive employee benefits like workers comp.

Hurt in a Taxi Driver Accident? Call Our Nashville Taxi Accident Lawyer

If you are a taxi driver who has been hurt in a taxi driver accident, you could be entitled to compensation for the personal injuries and lost wages you suffered as a result. However, the legal process of gaining the compensation you are entitled may change depending on your employment status. Call taxi driver workers compensation lawyer Stan Davis about your best legal options today.

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