$350,000.00 Davidson County Tractor-Trailer Accident

A middle-aged man was injured in a tractor-trailer crash when he was rear ended by a tractor-trailer in Davidson County, Tennessee. This tractor-trailer accident left the Plaintiff with significant spinal injuries, and, after pain management, the Plaintiff developed gastrointestinal problems which required treatment.

This case was settled for $350,000.00 after extensive medical depositions and proof resolving this rear ending of the Plaintiff in this tractor-trailer crash. The Defendant argued that only $10,000.00 of medical expenses were related to this crash, but the Plaintiff was able to establish medical testimony showing approximately $125,000.00 in past medical expenses to treat his soft tissue injuries and his gastrointestinal problems, which developed as a result of the treatment for his soft tissue injuries in this crash. At the conclusion of extensive litigation and depositions, this tractor-trailer/automobile accident settled for $350,000.00.

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