$348,201.00 Tennessee Tourist Tractor Trailer Accident

Four eastern European immigrants were traveling through Tennessee from Chicago on Interstate 24 for a family visit to Florida. Plaintiffs were rear ended by the defendant driving a fuel tractor trailer rig for his employer. There was a moderate offset impact. All four occupants of the vehicle suffered soft tissue injuries. A 68-year-old occupant suffered a fractured collar bone.

The case was tried on July 11, 2013 and the verdict for one passenger was $224,619.00. This included $68,219.00 in past medical expenses. Another elderly passenger received a verdict for $45,383.00 with past medical expenses of $15,383.00. The front seat passenger received a verdict of $35,998.00, which included $8,498.00 in past medical expenses. The driver received a jury verdict of $42,201.00 of which $14,701.00 was for past medicals.

The defendant defended on liability and attempted to diminish damages at trial. The verdict resulted in a total award of $348,201.00. Defendants were additionally responsible for discretionary costs, post-judgment interest and court costs approaching $20,000.00. The total amount recovered was almost double what had been offered by the defendant prior to trial. This truck crash verdict was returned after a four-day jury trial in Montgomery County, TN, by our Nashville truck accident attorney.

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