Trucking Accident Injures Two After Truck Veers into Traffic

In early June, an accident involving two commercial vehicles lead to injuries for two people on Highway 109. Tennessee Highway Patrol reported that a Kentucky man pulling a trailer with a Sterling CMV swerved into oncoming traffic, prompting a woman driving a Freightliner semi-truck with no trailer to swerve to avoid the Sterling. However, the Sterling struck the Freightliner’s front side, sending both vehicles off the road. The Freightliner overturned, causing injuries to the driver as well as her passenger. The driver of the Sterling was not harmed.

The THP reported that all those involved in the accident were wearing seat belts and that no drugs nor alcohol were involved.

What Causes Truck Accidents, and What Do I Do If I Am Involved in One?

Every year in the United States, there are nearly 500,000 semi-truck collisions. While some of these collisions are simply accidents, often there are underlying causes that allow injury victims to seek damages from any of several parties, including an at-fault driver, a negligent trucking company or even a part manufacturer who designed or assembled the truck.

The most common cause of truck accidents, though, is driver error. Things like distracted driving, driving fatigue or reckless behaviors like driving too fast for road conditions are common among truckers, and when an accident occurs as the result of one, the best course of action moving forward for victims is to discuss the case with a truck accident lawyer.

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