Nashville Resident’s “Hot Tea” Lawsuit Smells Familiar

Earlier this year, we blogged about the infamous hot coffee lawsuit and how it affected Tennessee tort reform law. Now, a similar lawsuit involving a Tennessee resident is making its way through the courts.

Smyrna construction worker Angelica Keller ordered a cup of tea aboard a Southwest Airlines flight. She spilled the hot water on her lap, causing second-degree burns to her legs. She filed an $800,000 lawsuit against the airline to compensate for her injuries.


The airline says that Keller bears sole responsibility. Since she was sitting in the front row, she had no tray to place her hot water on. The airline says Keller should have realized the risks of ordering a hot beverage without a tray, while Keller’s attorneys claim that the beverage was far too hot, to begin with. The lawsuit does not specify the hot water’s temperature, only claiming that it was “extremely hot” and “too hot for use in an aircraft.” The McDonald’s coffee that caused severe burns in the 1992 landmark lawsuit was 180 degrees, well above the typical temperature for homemade coffee (roughly 140 degrees).

Because special interest groups and lawmakers pressed hard for tort reform, injured victims like Keller cannot receive as much compensation as she might deserve. In spite of these restrictive laws and unfair regulations, we can pursue your personal injury case to the fullest extent of the law. We believe in justice for everyone, not just rich corporations. Call ((615) 866-3938 now to explore your rights during a free consultation.

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