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Nashville Star Hayden Panettiere Survives Nashville Car Accident

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Hayden Panettiere, known for her role in the show Heroes and current star of Nashville, was involved in a two-car accident in Nashville last month.

Police reports suggest that both Panettiere and the driver share responsibility for the accident. Panettiere allegedly ran a red light, and the other driver turned into her lane. She was driving a BMW, and he was driving a Geo Prism.

Neither driver sustained a serious injury during the accident. She thanked Nashville Police on her Twitter account, saying, “Thank you to the Nashville police department. Was in a scary accident and they were great.”


Both drivers are lucky to escape the accident unharmed. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), 762 people died in 2008 due to drivers running red lights. Close to 165,000 people a year sustain injuries because a driver ignored a red light.

About half of the people who died in these fatal car accidents were not the red-light runners, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). People who sustained critical injuries or lost a loved one because someone broke the law can recover damages to compensate for medical costs and emotional trauma. If this happened to you, we can help. Call (615) 866-3938 and we can set up a free consultation to review your potential case.

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