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Avoiding Truck Accidents

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Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan made headlines this week when she allegedly caused a dump truck accident in California on the way to film her new Lifetime movie. Rumors swirl about who was at fault, and whether Lohan was even driving at the time of the car accident.

We do know, however, truck accidents are often fatal, and Lohan was lucky to survive with minor injuries. Here are some ways that all motorists can avoid fatal truck accidents.

  • Stay out of blind spots. Most large trucks have labels that show where the truck’s blind spot is, usually beside and right behind the trailer. Pass quickly on the left, and try not to linger on the right.
  • Use caution on entrance ramps. Keep the law in mind when entering a busy interstate with large trucks: Tennessee law gives right of way to vehicles in lanes that are not ending. Entering vehicles must use the entrance to speed up and merge into traffic; do not expect traffic to accommodate you.
  • Follow instead of leading. Trucks need about 66 percent more space to come to a full stop than other vehicles, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If you are directly in front of a semi-trailer and need to stop immediately, the truck behind you may not have enough time. Keep plenty of space between your car and the cab, or ride to the side or behind.
  • Call the number. If a truck is driving dangerously, ask a passenger to take down the number listed on the back of a truck and call when it is safe to do. This could prevent future semi truck accidents.

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