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Pickup in Wrong Lane Hits Ambulance, Kills Two

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Police are investigating an accident involving a pickup truck and an ambulance that killed two people.

According to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department, a pickup truck was driving in the wrong lane on Highway 58. The truck crashed into an ambulance. A special needs patient, along with the patient’s mother, were riding in the ambulance with a nurse and two paramedics.

Misty Browning, 29 and Jennifer Friddell, 30, the driver and passenger of the 1997 Ford Ranger, both died in the fatal car accident. The ambulance’s occupants were treated for injuries and released. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department is trying to figure out why the truck was driving in the wrong lane.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that an average of 350 people die every year because someone was driving the wrong direction. Between 1996 and 2000, 1,753 people died in crashes where someone was driving in the wrong direction on a freeway.

Some states, like Arizona, are testing technology that alerts highway patrol officers when people drive the wrong way on highways and interstates. Milwaukee County is adding mounted radar detectors to some of its freeway ramps that alert authorities when drivers enter freeways from the wrong direction.

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