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Could Brain Injuries Create Criminals?

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Traumatic brain injuries often have drastic permanent consequences for victims. Some of these consequences include decreased mobility, memory loss, mood swings, depression and fundamental shifts in character. A recent study suggests that brain injuries at a young age could lead to criminal behavior later in life.

Researchers studied 200 adult male prisoners in Britain. They found that 60 percent of them had sustained a form of brain injury when they were younger. By comparison, 8.5 percent of Americans outside the prison system have traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs.

“The young brain, being a work in progress, is prone to risk taking,” said Professor Huw Williams of the University of Exeter’s Centre for Clinical Neuropsychology Research. “And so it is more vulnerable to getting injured in the first place, and suffering subtle to more severe problems in attention, concentration and managing one’s mood and behavior.”


Data published in Scientific American earlier this year shows a similar trend in America. TBIs are seven times more prevalent in U.S. prisons than in the general population.

Researchers suggest that since TBIs alter judgment and mood, brain-damaged victims are prone to violent outbursts and risky decision-making, often leading to incarceration. TBIs can also make the victim more susceptible to drug use and depression.

Traumatic brain injuries can change lives forever, especially if they happen at a young age. Considering the potential risks associated with contact sports like football, we urge all parents to review the research on brain injury and youth sports.

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