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Solutions to Rubbernecking

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This past week, we wrote about driver distractions that predate cell phones: accidents on the side of the road. While distracted, rubbernecking drivers can cause accidents of their own. Some agencies have proposed solutions to avoid this chain reaction of car accidents, and our friends across the pond are setting the precedent.


Beginning in 2010, some highway patrol departments in the United Kingdom began testing “incident screens” – large, 75-meter screens that set up a barrier between the roadside accident and curious drivers. Early reports indicate that the screens are affective in mitigating accidents.

“The screens used to protect the scene worked extremely well,” said Kerry Clarke of the Thames Valley Police, who used the screens to obscure a fatal car accident. “[W]hat a transformation in the traffic flow for the northbound traffic once they were up.”

Police officers used the screens to obscure an accident in Cheshire, and noted that without the screens, they would have had to close the road for several hours.


The screens are not perfect yet, however. They are susceptible to blow over in the wind, they do not easily fit over concrete barriers and they do not completely obscure all accidents. If a helicopter needs to land at the scene, the screens can get in the way. Also, each screen takes about 20 minutes to set up, and every minute counts in emergency situations.

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