Update: Friends of Late Comedian Brain E. Kiley to Start Drunk Driving Awareness Foundation

Tennessee now has a little less laughter after Kiley was tragically killed in a fatal car accident this past February. On his way home from a gig in North Carolina, Kiley was struck by a drunk driver in the early morning of February 17. The News & Observer reported that the impact of the car crash caused both vehicles to violently roll off the interstate. The negligent driver walked away, while Kiley died at the scene of the accident.

WTVF-TV reported that although Kiley is gone, family and friends of the comedian want to make sure that he is not forgotten. On April 7, an event was hosted to pay tribute to Kiley as well as raise money for his wife and stepdaughter. Organizers of the event also want to start a foundation in Kiley’s name in order to bring awareness to the problem of driving under the influence.

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