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Man Killed In Nashville Car Accident, Icy Road Conditions Partially to Blame

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According to WTVF-TV, one person was killed after the car he was driving hit a utility pole in Nashville on December 8. Icy road conditions and speed are believed to have played a role in the crash.

Police said that 30-year-old Kevin Scott was killed when the car he was driving crashed into a utility pole, according to WTVF. The crash happened on 3rd Avenue North at the Interstate 65 overpass.

The crash occurred as a mix of precipitation was moving through the area, causing icy spots due to the cold temperatures in some areas. Metro Nashville Police Department said a combination of excessive speed, as well as icy and wet road conditions all, contributed to the crash.

Scott was allegedly not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident. Police said that drugs or alcohol did not play a role in the crash.


As temperatures dip and the weather outside changes over the winter months, make sure that you prepare ahead of time for potential road hazards. The Weather Channel recently published some safety tips for drivers encountering icy road conditions to avoid car accidents, including:

  • Decreasing your speed and leaving room to stop
  • Breaking gently to avoid skidding
  • Keeping your lights and windshield clean
  • Using caution on bridges, overpasses and infrequently traveled roads

Unfortunately, some drivers and passengers end up injured because of poor driving habits in hazardous weather conditions by other drivers, even when they take precautions. Our Nashville vehicle accident lawyer has decades of experience assisting injury victims, if you have been hurt by a negligent driver.

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