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Nashville Construction Accident Lawyer Considers the Importance of Workplace Safety

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In Nashville, Tennessee, recent renovations at the world famous Music City center hit a sour note when construction site safety was ignored, almost costing one worker his life. While attempting to install a window unit at the convention center, the ventilation grate the worker was standing on gave way. He plummeted nearly 27 feet, falling to the concrete parking garage below. The construction fall punctured one of his lungs and broke several bones, including some vertebrae.

Knowledge of the potential hazards these unsecured ventilation grates could pose was known prior to the beginning of the construction project. However, no action was taken by Bell Clark, the firm in change of building the project, in order for the company to save time and money.

A safety manager on the site talked to an employee weeks before the accident about securing the grates with angle iron and two-by-fours. As the employee began gathering materials, a different safety manager pulled him off the job stating that securing the grates was a “waste of time” and that the grates were “heavy enough and would not move.”

This statement turned out to almost be a deadly mistake. Negligence like this in the workplace is often fatal, causing a lifetime of pain and suffering for the victims and victims’ families. Workers hurt or killed in construction accidents are entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering. For any questions regarding how our Nashville construction accident attorney can help guide you through this trying time, please call (615) 866-3938 and see how our compassion for your case makes the difference.

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