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Nashville Car Accident Lawyer: Safety and School Buses

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In Wednesday’s post, we discussed a motor vehicle accident where a man ran his car into the back of a school bus. The driver was injured in the crash, but no children were harmed. All drivers must follow certain rules near school buses or school zones, and these regulations protect drivers as well as students and bus drivers.

Official school buses are equipped with red, flashing stop signs that extend from the sides of the vehicle when the driver is stopping the bus. This is to signify that the bus will soon be opening its doors to let passengers on or off, as opposed to stopping for a red light, obstacle or stop sign. Drivers behind the bus are required to stop and may not pass the bus after it puts out the flashing red sign. If the bus is driving on a highway divided by a median, those traveling in the opposite direction are not required to stop.

If you are driving anywhere near a bus, watch your speed and remember that these vehicles make frequent stops. If you do wish to the pass the bus, do so at a safe moment as long as it does not require you to speed.

Drivers must demonstrate an understanding of these laws in order to gain a driver’s license, but thousands of people break bus laws every day. The rules are intended to keep students and drivers safe. Rear-ending a school bus can be very dangerous for cars, especially smaller ones.

It is your responsibility to operate your vehicle safely and not risk putting yourself or others in danger. The next time you see a school bus, consider it a big, yellow safety reminder. Put your phone down, watch your speed, and stay safe.

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