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Nashville Car Accident Lawyer: Safety First Near and On Construction Sites

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Residents and business owners in Nashville are excited about the plans for Green Hills, which will include a multi-story, mixed use building. Unfortunately, many others are concerned that this new project, developing in the middle of an already bustling neighborhood, will cause traffic jams and other construction-related hassles. Developers at this site and others should be aware that an increased construction presence can also raise the risks of construction-related injuries and car accidents.

Urban construction projects come with all the risks of working with heavy machinery on potentially dangerous tasks. Add to those the additional risks of doing your job while surrounded by pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Construction foremen should work diligently to keep construction workers safe and maintain a hazard-free workplace for employees and community members.

When dealing with construction sites, drivers should be aware of any changes to their driving routes and obey every posted sign and instruction. Cutting corners and being inattentive can lead to serious injuries and damage. Drivers who are frustrated, whether because of another vehicle or delays, are more likely to make unwise decisions and create dangerous situations.

Nashville residents will benefit from this new development, even if the construction does cause slowdowns. Workers and drivers should remember that no job or destination is more important than our safety and that of those around us.

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