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Do Defective Automobiles Get Recalled?

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In a vehicle accident, drivers and passengers rely on the vehicle’s design and manufacture to minimize the potential for harm. There have been far too many instances where individuals suffered injury and death from dangerous vehicle defects. In the very worst cases, design and manufacture flaws in a vehicle make crash scenarios much more dangerous to vehicle occupants. Accordingly, there are certain situations where the federal government steps in and orders a vehicle manufacturer to repair the fatal flaw at no cost to the vehicle owner.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently won a long-fought battle to get the manufacturers of Jeep to recall defective vehicles. After multiple wrongful deaths were found to have resulted from fires involving certain Jeep vehicles, NHTSA began an investigation. It found that the fuel tank’s placement in the vehicle made it much easier for the vehicle to catch fire in a collision.

Although a government recall offers some protection to future automobile consumers, these typically only come after connecting multiple personal injuries or deaths with the vehicle in question. Automobile corporations use powerful attorneys and lobbyists to discourage any investigations of their products to maintain their public image and protect their profits.

Defects may only come to light several years after the vehicle was manufactured, at which point it may be too late for many drivers and their families.

Even if a recall is issued, there is no guarantee that the remuneration offered by the manufacturer will be enough to cover any injuries or property damage that arose from the defective vehicles. In the case of the recent Jeep recall, the manufacturer only offered to install a trailer hitch that allegedly lessens the risk of the fuel tank rupturing in a vehicle accident. It did not offer an apology or compensation for the medical costs, lost wages or suffering for those injured or killed.


If you have been injured in a car accident and you believe that defects in your vehicle contributed to your injuries, you can fight back through legal action. Even if a recall has not been issued, you can pursue damages and compensation if you were hurt by a defective vehicle or automobile part. Our Nashville injury lawyer can get you what you need in order to heal. Contact our office today for a professional evaluation of your case at no cost to you.

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