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Nashville Construction Accident Lawyer Reviews Fatal Accident at Rutherford County Quarry

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An investigation into the death of a 52-year-old worker that occurred on March 16 at the Hoover Rock Quarry in Murfreesboro is now being taken over by Tennessee’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (TOSHA). John Boyd died after the truck he was operating fell approximately 60 feet off an embankment, causing the truck to land of its roof. Authorities reported that since the truck is not a commercial grade vehicle but rather industrial, Tennessee Highway Patrol had to relinquish its inspection of the truck to TOSHA.


Tennessee is home to many quarry companies, and they have the responsibility to ensure safe working conditions for their workers. According to statistics from, injuries sustained at a quarry happen as much as three times more often than on other traditional construction sites. Of the types of injuries sustained, the four major causes of injury are:

In accidents such as the fatality at Hoover Rock Quarry, vehicles play a leading factor in many ways. Workers have been reported as being hit by vehicles in or around the construction site, vehicles toppling over while workers were inside or outside and objects or people falling from vehicles.

  • Slips, Trips and Falls

This type of injury is commonly caused by unclean work areas, inappropriate workplace attire and distractions while working. These occur when construction safety is not taken as a serious requirement in the workplace. Personal injuries sustained from slip and falls can oftentimes result in premises liability cases against property owners failing to provide a safe working environment.

  • Improper Handling

When this injury occurs, it is usually from workers carrying too heavy of a load or carrying things incorrectly. Company-wide implementation on how to properly move equipment and work supplies would lessen this risk of injury for workers.

  • Falls from Heights

Construction accidents in which a worker falls from a substantial height are generally fatal, or can cause serious injuries such as head trauma or hurt the spinal cord. These injuries can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering for the victim and the victim’s family, as well as enormous medical bills.

If you or someone you love is suffering from injuries or a wrongful death because of an accident at the workplace, talk with our Nashville construction accident attorney to discuss your rights in pursuing compensation from negligent parties. We will even evaluate your case and determine fault. It is free to chat, so call us today at (615) 866-3938.


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