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How Deadly Are HAZMAT Truck Accidents?

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As we reported last week, there are approximately 200 trucking accidents in America each year involving HAZMAT carriers. These crashes can result in catastrophic damage, as hazardous materials add complications for rescue workers attempting to get to injury victims, such as fires and explosions.

Sadly, the driver of a tanker was killed on August 15 on Interstate 65 South in Franklin after his vehicle ran into a bridge support column, causing an explosion. According to WSMV-TV, the truck was carrying unleaded gasoline when it ran into the column around 3:40 a.m., bursting into flames. Investigators have not been able to confirm how many gallons of gasoline the truck was carrying.

The crash reportedly caused the truck to split in two. The flames from the explosion were so intense that they melted the iron surrounding the bridge, which the Tennessee Department of Transportation said could take months to repair.

Witnesses said that the blast sounded like a bomb, and that they saw a massive firebomb come from the interstate.


Unfortunately, trucking accidents result in approximately 4,000 deaths in the U.S each year. Many of these accidents are the result of aggressive driving, excessive speed, distracted driving or driving while fatigued.

Because trucks weigh more than other vehicles on the road, the consequences of accidents can be disastrous—you should contact our Nashville truck accident lawyer immediately if you or a loved one is ever involved in a crash. We will fight for your right to compensation, and make sure that the carrier and driver involved were following all rules and regulations.

“Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is.” – Jeremiah 17:7

Davis’ Words of Wisdom: Some truck accidents occur due to mechanical failures, like brake or tire issues.

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