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Can a Plane Crash Because of Mechanical Defects?

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People often assume that pilot error causes the majority of plane crashes; however, it is not uncommon for aviation accidents to occur due to defective parts.

When a crash occurs, you should seek legal counsel as quickly as possible. You should do this because the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) often destroys accident remains when it completes an investigation. This can hurt your chances of conducting your own, independent investigation, which could show that mechanical problems led to the accident.

According to the Associated Pressthe spouse of a Tennessee pilot killed in the crash of a UPS cargo jet in Alabama is suing the company that makes equipment used in the aircraft.

AP reported that Bret Tucker Fanning is seeking $2 million in his federal lawsuit against Honeywell Aerospace. Fanning is the husband of UPS pilot Shanda Fanning, who died when UPS Flight 1354 crashed while attempting to land at a Birmingham, Alabama airport in 2013 on a flight from Louisville, Kentucky.

The lawsuit claims that there were mechanical issues with a faulty Honeywell Aerospace ground warning system that did not go off in time to alert the pilots.


Through a wrongful death lawsuit, family members of plane accident victims can pursue damages. This can help pay for costs associated with a loved one’s burial, medical bills and lost income.

We can investigate your case if your loved one was injured or killed in an aviation accident. For more information, call us today. Transportation providers have a duty to provide you with safe travel options.

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