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Are Dietary Supplements Safe?

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Do you take dietary supplements? Then you need to pay attention to the ingredients and take caution.

Frighteningly, CBS News reported that there are many dietary supplements in the marketplace for sale even though they have been recalled in the past.

According to the news outlet, researchers discovered in supplements bought online that the products contained “hidden steroids, similar ingredients to Viagra and Prozac and a weight loss drug linked with heart attacks.”

Researchers at the Cambridge Health Alliance, a Boston-area health care system, reportedly tested 27 recalled products purchased for weight loss, sexual performance and muscle building, discovering that 17 still had the same drugs that prompted recalls.

Additionally, researchers found that 18 of the 27 supplements tested contained ingredients not approved for over-the-counter use. Researchers said that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is not doing a good enough job overseeing manufacturers.

It should be noted that most supplement recalls are voluntary and that products do not go through the same trials as prescription drugs. Dietary supplement manufacturers do not need FDA approval before selling a product. Rather, recalls occur after complications are reported.

“There should be significant legal and financial consequences for manufacturers who the FDA finds to be continuing to sell these spiked supplements,” Dr. Pieter Cohen said, according to CBS News.


If a defective product, like a recalled dietary supplement, has injured you, you need to speak to an attorney. Aside from wrongful death, defective dietary supplements have been linked to cardiovascular issues, kidney failure and liver cancer.

As this story shows, many potentially hazardous supplements are available for sale.

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