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UTV, RUV and ATV Safety Tips

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Do you own a recreational utility vehicle (RUV), all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or utility terrain vehicle (UTV)? Many people in Tennessee enjoy the wilderness in these vehicles, as they allow operators to reach places they may not be able to in a common car.

However, these vehicles can crash if they are not operated safely, and drivers and passengers can suffer significant injuries or even die. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), from 1982 to 2008, 386 people died in ATV accidents in Tennessee, placing it among the top 10 states in the country when it comes to deaths.

You should always operate these vehicles with safety in mind. Here are some safety tips if you own an ATV, RUV or UTV:

  • Do not drive ATVs, RUVs and UTVs on paved roads unless it is legal in the area
  • Do not allow a child under 16 to drive these vehicles unless they have proper training or an adult is present
  • Do not use these vehicles to tow items unless they are equipped to
  • Always wear a helmet and other protective gear such as eye protection, boots, gloves and pants if the vehicle does not provide overhead support
  • Take a safety training course prior to operation

Additionally, make sure you register your ATV, RUV or UTV with the state if it is required. Most off-road vehicles in Tennessee do not require a registration with the state. However, you may want to check with a dealer to see if it is necessary.


We bring up this subject because recently WKRN-TV reported that a teenage girl from Parsons lost her hand in a UTV accident.

According to the network, the girl, 14, was operating the vehicle when it flipped on loose gravel.

The vehicle reportedly fell on top of the teen, trapping her. The girl told WKRN that she noticed that her hand was missing after she unsuccessfully attempted to crawl from the vehicle. She was able to call 911, where workers were able to overturn the vehicle and rescue her. The accident took place on July 4. Since the crash, the teen has undergone multiple surgeries, however, doctors were unable to reattach the hand and she has begun using a prosthetic limb.


If you have been injured in an ATV, RUV or UTV accident on someone else’s property, make sure you contact our Nashville injury attorney. Owners of these vehicles have a duty to make sure that anyone operating them, especially teens or younger children, are trained.

If your loved one is injured or killed, you may be able to hold the owner of the vehicle liable.

You can contact our Nashville injury attorney now by using the live chat option located on this page or by calling the number listed above. Visit our verdicts and settlements page to see how we have helped vehicle accident victims.

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