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Tips to Avoid a Holiday Accident at Your Home

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Are you hosting people for a Christmas or New Year’s party this holiday season? Be aware that by inviting guests on your property, you take on certain liabilities due to social host laws.

While it can be fun to throw a holiday party, make sure you take guest safety into account. Make sure you provide designated drivers or have alternative transportation options available to guests, especially if you plan to serve alcohol at your gathering.

Law enforcement patrol will increase during the holiday period, as officials look to arrest drunk drivers. The last thing you want to have happen following a party is have a friend, family member or coworker arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. As a social host serving alcohol, you could be potentially held liable following a drunk driving accident.


Prior to the arrival of guests at your holiday party, you should check the inside and outside of your property for slip hazards such as ice or wet surfaces. If someone is involved in a slip-and-fall accident, a victim may hold you liable and it could cause great tension in your relationship.

Other holiday party hosting safety tips include:

  • Make sure food you serve is cooked thoroughly and that perishable items are not kept out too long
  • Make sure all ovens, stove burners and fryers are turned off, if they are not being attended to
  • Store pets accordingly, especially if they may be alarmed by guests to avoid issues with bites
  • Have safe activities planned for children and make sure they are being monitored at all times


You have a duty to protect guests if you plan to host a holiday party. Make sure that your homeowner’s insurance policy provides adequate coverage should an unfortunate accident take place.

If you are injured in an accident, it may be in your best interest to speak to an injury attorney about your legal rights. Working with homeowner insurers can be incredibly confusing and the failure to get legal advice could lead you to receive less money to care for your injuries.

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