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Should I Have an Industrial Accident Investigated?

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If your loved one dies in an industrial accident, it may be in your best interest to seek legal counsel, as an investigation into the incident could prove that negligence played a role, allowing you to seek money for lost income and emotional distress.

While Tennessee OSHA is responsible for investigating workplace accidents, having a third party conduct an investigation may prove useful in your attempt to recover damages. Remember, companies have a duty to protect workers from accidents—when an incident occurs due to a lack of safety procedures or protocols, you could potentially hold the employer liable via a wrongful death lawsuit.

By contacting an attorney, you may be able to determine if a company put your loved one at risk. Sadly, some companies have terrible records when it comes to employee safety, as profits may be more important than investing in safety equipment or studies.

As the case below shows, some companies have a poor reputation when it comes to employee safety.


According to the, a worker was killed this month at Chattanooga’s Wrigley Manufacturing plant. It is the second fatal accident at the plant in 16 months. The accident remains under investigation.

The website reported that the plant produces Altoids and Life Savers, and that it is rare for candy factory workers to die on the job. In a previous incident at the factory, in October 2013, a worker was killed after a forklift ran into a ladder she was climbing, throwing her onto a pipe.

In the forklift case, Tennessee OSHA ruled that Wrigley was at fault for the death of the woman, fining the company more than $8,000 after finding two serious and seven non-serious violations at the plant during an investigation.


Remember, through a lawsuit, you can seek payment for the recovery of both economic and non-economic damages, which can help pay for items like lost income, medical expenses and funeral costs. This will not offset the emotions of losing a loved one, but it can help you rebound if you are struggling financially following his or her death.

Our attorney has successfully represented hundreds of clients in Tennessee. For more information, visit our verdicts and settlements page. You can also continue to follow our social media sites for more information about workplace accidents.

Additionally, if you believe that your employer may be putting you at risk, you can call Tennessee OSHA at 800-249-8510 to report any potential safety hazards or violations.

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