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Maryville Train Derailment Results in Evacuation

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On July 2, a train derailment in Maryville resulted in the evacuation of more than 5,000 residents due to concerns over toxic materials aboard the locomotive.

According to NBC News, the freight train was carrying a “highly flammable and toxic gas” that caught fire after the derailment. The news source reported that the evacuation occurred around a two-mile radius where the derailment took place.

Ten officials who responded to the scene of the derailment reportedly needed medical treatment after they breathed in fumes. Shelters were opened up for residents who could not find housing after the evacuation.

The train was allegedly carrying acrylonitrile, a substance used in the manufacturing of acrylic goods. The locomotive, owned by CSX, was reportedly traveling from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Waycross, Georgia.

A representative for CSX said there were 45 loaded rail cars carrying mixed freight and 12 empty rail cars attached to the train when the derailment occurred. The accident remains under investigation.


Earlier this year, we blogged about how the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) was expressing concerns over train tank safety.

In a report, the NTSB said that transportation companies were going to have to improve standards in the future, saying they needed to do a better job retrofitting tanks that hold flammable liquids, including ethanol and oil. Unfortunately, there have been several train derailments in the news recently involving toxic materials and injuries to the public and emergency personnel.

If you have been injured in a train accident or a derailment incident, speak to our Nashville attorney about litigation. In addition to a personal injury lawsuit, if you were a worker reporting to the scene of an accident, you may also be able to pursue workers’ compensation benefits.

Continue to follow our blog for more information about transportation accidents. Our Nashville injury attorney can investigate your case and may be able to hold a transportation company liable for your losses and/or injuries following a train accident and/or derailment.

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