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Nashville Sports Anchor Injured in Taxi Crash

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Recently, popular Nashville sports anchor Steve Layman was injured in a taxi accident while covering a football game in Kansas City.

According to, the accident took place in August following a game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans. Layman said that his taxi was t-boned when another driver ran a red light.

Layman, who works for WTVF-TV, provided an update through his coworkers saying that he was seriously injured but released from a hospital. Jon Burton, Layman’s colleague, said that he was going to undergo rehabilitation in his home state of Illinois and would return to the airwaves soon.


We are thankful that Layman is expected to make a full recovery. This accident should serve as a reminder that you can be injured when riding in a taxi, either through the fault of the cab driver or through the fault of other drivers on the road.

In February, we discussed how you could hold a taxi driver and possibly his or her service provider liable if you are injured in an accident.

Speak to our Nashville car accident attorney about how to best move forward with an injury claim. In some cases, taxi drivers are considered independent contractors, which can present complex legal arguments, so you will want to make sure you have an expert working by your side. Additionally, if another driver is at fault for your taxi accident, you can also hold him or her liable, in the same fashion that you would for a standard crash.

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