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Why is Nashville Called “Crashville?”

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Needless to say the Nashville population has grown in the last few years and with it, the traffic congestion problem and consequent risk for car accidents. According to the U.S. Census 2013 American Community Survey, at least 40 percent of workers in Nashville say it takes them 30 minutes to get to work each day. To put things into perspective, the number of people who are on any given highway out of Davidson county in one day could fill up two sold-out Tennessee Titans games and a sold-out Predators game, according to Nashville Business Journal.

The Tennessean calculated the number of people moving to Nashville each day and found that at least 100 people moved to Nashville each day, which is more comparable to cities like Austin, Texas or Denver, Colorado. This is a stark increase from the 62 people per day that moved here between 2010 and 2011. The fact of the matter is Nashville’s infrastructure is not made to effectively transport the growing population and commuters have expressed concerns about an increase in car accidents is the result.


Nashville’s Mayor Megan Marry launched a program to improve Nashville’s busiest intersections in order to help traffic conditions in those areas. The intersection improvement plan is installing new safety features, realigning roads, creating new medians, repairing roads and installing sidewalks as well as crosswalks.

As to whether these new features will have a huge impact on traffic is another story. By 2035, more than one million people are projected to be living in the Nashville area. Realistically, the city needs to focus on getting cars off the road and the only way to do that is to improve public transportation in the areas surrounding Nashville. This way, commuters will have alternative means to get in and out of the city.

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