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Driver Cited for a School Bus Accident That Injured a Student

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Last month, a school bus accident occurred while eight students were on board near Jackson-Madison County. While seven students were checked out on the scene, one was transported to a local hospital with injuries. The bus driver received a citation following the incident.


While riding the school bus is typically the safest way for a child to get to school, accidents are still possible. Because there are so many factors involved, school bus accident cases can be complex. Depending on the circumstances, any of the following could be responsible for your child’s injuries:

  • The school district
  • A private school or organization that owned the bus
  • A company contracted to provide the school bus
  • The school bus manufacturer
  • The company in charge of regularly inspecting or performing maintenance on the bus
  • A government organization responsible for road design, construction and road maintenance
  • The school bus driver
  • The driver of another vehicle, if a collision was involved

A bus driver, in particular can be held responsible for reckless driving or negligence. This can include fatigued driving, distracted driving and speeding. Additionally, drivers must make sure children are at least ten feet away before continuing on their route. While a bus full of children can seem like a handful, it is still a bus driver’s responsibility to focus on the road and ensure the safety of his or her passengers.

Whether the school buses are owned by the school district or are contracted out by a private company, they must be regularly inspected to test for mechanical errors. Additionally, regular maintenance must be performed. The school or private company is also responsible for properly training its bus drivers and ensuring they understand how best to keep all passengers on board safe. School bus accidents do not necessarily have to involve other cars, but can include slip and fall accidents. It is the responsibility of the company or school that owns the buses to ensure these types of hazards are minimized.

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