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Tennessee To Remove Road Guardrail Segments After Backlash

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A few weeks ago, we wrote about the Tennessee Department of Transportation billing the young victim of a car accident for damage to a guardrail. The girl was killed due to defective terminals on the ends of the guardrails which act like spears, piercing through vehicles instead of deflecting them. Now, it seems that the state is ready to start replacing some of these defective guardrails.

The guardrail piece in question is the Lindsay X-LITE model.


Since June of last year, four people have died in three car crashes involving the Lindsay X-LITE guardrails terminal. The guardrail terminals are supposed to be designed to “telescope,” or slide into each other when struck, absorbing the impact of a crash while also preventing the metal rail from piercing into the vehicle. But the X-LITE models are shown to fail when hit at speeds greater than 62 mph.

The state Department of Transportation is accepting bids for contractors to replace over 1,700 X-LITE guardrail terminals in areas where the speed limit exceeds 45 mph. It will cost upwards of $3.6 million and should be completed by June of next year.

Road safety devices such as guardrails should be designed in ways that protect drivers in accidents, not injure them further. If you suffer injuries due to defective road safety devices, your best course of action is to discuss your case with a qualified personal injury attorney.

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