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Whose Fault Is It If I Am Injured as a Passenger in a Taxi?

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Taxis are one of the most popular ways of getting around Nashville (although Uber and Lyft are rapidly encroaching on that front). Unfortunately, taxi accidents are all too common, and they happen for a variety of reasons. One is that taxi drivers are often under pressure to get customers to their destinations as quickly as possible. This can lead to risky driving behaviors, fatigue and negligence that expose passengers to the risk of injury.


A common carrier is defined as a commercial vehicle that is for hire. In common carrier accidents involving taxis, it is possible for the at-fault driver of the vehicle to be liable for accidents, but victims may also have a claim against the taxi service provider. To determine this, the best course of action would be to discuss your case in a free consultation with a personal injury attorney that handles common carrier car accident cases.

If you are involved in a tax accident:

  • Seek medical attention. Some accident injuries, like traumatic brain injury, may not be apparent right away. Adrenaline produced during accidents can make you unable to feel injuries like pinched or torn muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • Document the accident thoroughly. Write down as much information as you can, including the license plate number, driver’s name, taxi company’s name, vehicle registration and contact information for any witnesses. Take photographs as needed. Request a copy of the police report from responding officers.
  • Don’t be afraid to call a lawyer. Injuries in common carrier accidents can lead to expensive medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering that you should not have to deal with on your own.

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