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Injured by Criminals: Mall Brawls Erupt Across Tennessee

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Just after last Christmas, chaos erupted across malls from Chattanooga to Memphis. This led to a series of injuries caused by negligent criminals.

At Chattanooga’s Hamilton Place Mall, a group of individuals set off fireworks, causing panic that eventually led to several people’s injuries. It is believed that the fireworks weren’t just a prank, but instead were used to cover up another crime.

At other malls throughout the United States, several fights broke out, some becoming so out of hand that police officers were required to use pepper spray to disperse clouds. Some of these melees appear to have been coordinated on social media.

In other instances, false reports of gunfire sent youths stampeding through the malls, leading to injuries.


When a crime causes injury, this spawns two different claims, a criminal and a civil one. The criminal claim is pursued by the state. A civil claim must be pursued by the individual who was harmed. In cases of assault and battery, the victim would seek damages for medical bills, lost wages due to injury as well as pain and suffering from the injuries. In some cases involving minor injuries, a lawsuit may not be worth it in the long run. But when assault and battery incidents lead to hospitalization and extensive medical attention, a lawsuit could be the best way for the victim to pursue damages from the at-fault party.

To know if filing a lawsuit is right for your injuries, discuss your case with a local personal injury lawyer.

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