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Ferris Wheel Accident Leads to Injuries at TN County Fair

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Two young girls and one woman were injured in a Ferris wheel accident at a Tennessee county fair in late 2016. Now, their families have filed lawsuits against the owner and manufacturer of the amusement park ride that caused the injuries.

In August 2016, 10-year-old Kayla Reynolds and 6-year-old Briley Reynolds each fell 40 feet from a Ferris wheel. Kayla suffered a broken arm and Briley a traumatic brain injury. Another woman, Lorena Cowhy, also fell.

An investigation into the incident led to the discovery of a bent skid plate and worn rivets. These may have contributed to the falls.


Amusement park rides, especially temporary ones like those used in county fairs, present a risk of injury, even low-speed rides like Ferris wheels. Owners and operators of these rides have a duty of care to those who ride them to do everything reasonable to prevent injury. When someone breaches that duty of care, and the breach leads to injuries, victims can be eligible for damages including those for pain and suffering, medical bills and more.

As the summer continues, more and more people visit amusement parks and county fairs. It is important to be aware of the risks of riding these rides. Broken bones, traumatic brain injury and even catastrophic injuries like amputations are all real possibilities. Speak to a personal injury lawyer if you suffer injury in a theme park accident.

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