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MTA Bus Accident Leaves 14 Injured in Nashville

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City bus with a bike rack drives on the street

In mid-June, an MTA bus traveling near Rosa Parks and I-65 north of downtown crashed into a car that was turning left. A total of 14 people were injured, five seriously enough to need immediate care, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department. At the time of this writing, the nature of the injuries has not been released, though the MTA reported that none of the injuries were life-threatening.


Metro buses are massive vehicles that weigh tons and transport large numbers of passengers. Many buses do not come equipped with safety restraints, and often passengers ride them standing up, their only means of self-protection the hand rails above. So, when a bus is involved in a collision, often the result is injury, whether from falling down, being hit by flying objects or hitting a part of your body on a part of the bus. These incidents can lead to catastrophic personal injuries including spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury and in the worst cases, death.

The latest data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shows that in 2015, the number of buses involved in fatal crashes increased 11 percent from the previous year. Bus accident injuries number in the hundreds of thousands annually in the United States. If you are injured in an accident involving a bus, you should strongly consider discussing the incident with a personal injury attorney.

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