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Nashville Man Struck by Falling Crane Expected to Survive

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One of the big risks of working on construction sites is the potential for falling objects. In downtown Nashville last week, a construction worker on the 36th floor of a building suffered serious injuries after a heavy pulley fell from a crane. Fortunately, he is expected to survive. Fire officials are currently unsure what caused the pulley to fall and are investigating further.

With so much construction happening in Nashville and so many cranes, it’s not just construction workers who are in danger from falling objects at construction sites. Anyone walking or driving near the cranes dotting the skyline is at risk.


In an ideal world, construction work would not be more dangerous than any other line of work. All construction workers would follow all safety guidelines to minimize a person’s chance of injury. But, through the negligence of other parties, such as coworkers and contractors, construction workers often face a heightened risk of injury from falling objects, falls, and contact with equipment and machinery.

Depending on the size and complexity of a construction project, any number of parties can be liable. Individual workers who commit negligent acts, such as dropping a heavy object from up high, can be liable. Inspectors who fail to notice problems with equipment, such as cranes, or who do not take action to repair malfunctioning equipment could be liable. If a construction company is found to have lax safety practices that result in injury, that company could be liable for injuries.

In many construction injury cases, workers can seek damages through a workers’ compensation claim. However, workers’ comp is not the only recourse if the negligence of a third party led to an injury. A work injury attorney can help you in the process of filing a third-party injury claim.

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