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“Fold-a-Goal”: How the Popular Soccer Equipment Can Harm or Kill

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Fold-a-Goals are a popular piece of soccer equipment throughout the United States. They are useful because they are highly portable and easy to use, but these goals can be dangerous. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has said as much.

Here is everything you need to know about Fold-a-Goals and why you should exercise caution near them.

  1. They can kill. Five deaths have been associated with Fold-a-Goals since 2000. Most recently, a two-year-old Nashville girl was killed when winds knocked over a goal. These goals weigh hundreds of pounds, which is easily heavy enough to kill an adult. Young children stand no chance when these goals collapse.
  2. The goals are top and front heavy. Without counterweights or some other thing to hold them down, they tip easily, posing a risk to anyone standing in front (like, for example, a goalie).
  3. Parks and soccer leagues are aware of the risks. The CPSC requires the goals to be marked with warnings.
  4. In addition to the five deaths since 2000, Fold-a-Goals have injured 58 people. Those are just the ones reported to the CPSC. The number could easily be much higher.
  5. Not every park, school or soccer field across the country follows proper protocol to stake down and secure the goals. This has been proven by investigations of Fold-a-Goals.

To keep yourself and your children safe around Fold-a-Goals, be sure never to play on or move them. Educate your children on the dangers and make sure that the goals are secured to the ground before use.

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