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Here’s How to Know if You’ve Been Involved in a Staged Car Accident

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It can be hard to believe for some people, but not all vehicle accidents are “accidents.” Some car accidents are actually created purposefully. Some criminal networks will actually deceive car insurance companies out of millions of dollars, all the while innocent consumers will be paying huge prices in higher insurance premiums. No one wants to be fooled by a staged car accident, so here are some things to look out for if you suspect you were involved in one.


  • Sudden stops: This is the most common type of staged car accident tactic. If you are in a smooth traffic flow and a car pulls up beside you, remain aware of his or her following actions. The driver could attempt to drive in front of you and slam on his or her brakes, resulting in a rear-end crash.
  • A vehicle randomly appearing at an intersection: There are many ways that a “stager” can take advantage of you at an intersection. A driver could motion for you to drive forward and the proceed to crash into you, claiming he or she never gave you the signal. Or, a “right-turn drive down” can occur when you try to make a right turn at a stop sign and a car at the curb accelerates forward and hits your rear bumper.
  • People pressuring you to make a certain decision: Watch out for people showing up at the scene of the accident urging you to go to certain, nearby clinics or attorneys that could actually be fraudulent. Be suspicious of any medical or legal professionals that random people are suggesting to you, instead of immediately consulting them.
  • Sudden increase in passengers: “Jump-ins” can happen when people suddenly appear and jump into other vehicles, claiming that they were passengers. Also, be suspicious if the other driver and/or passengers involved claim that they were injured despite minor damage to their vehicle.
  • Fake witnesses: When a witness conveniently appears at the accident scene and backs up everything the other driver says and claims to law enforcement, you should definitely be suspicious.

The key is to remain open and alert after the car accident and record any visual or verbal information that you can in order to retain memories of the event. If you have been injured in a car accident that you suspect was staged, you should contact one of our attorneys immediately. Call us for a free consultation at the law office of Stanley A. Davis today.

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