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3 Vital Car Seat Safety Tips for Parents in Tennessee

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3 Important Car Seat Safety Tips for Parents in Tennessee

Parents have many things to be concerned about when it comes to their children, especially when they are making a long trip for a holiday. If you are a Tennessee parent with young children, you are probably aware of how important it is to safely secure your child in your vehicle. To reduce the risk of injuries during an accident, you should follow these tips to ensure your children are safe in their car seats.


  1. Follow expert recommendations. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recommended that parents Keep children in the backseat and facing the rear until they reach the maximum weight or height allowed by the seat’s manufacturer. In general, this will be children that are 2 years old or younger, and some up to the age of 4 depending on other factors.
  2. Buy the right car seat. Your purchase should depend on your child’s age, weight and height. Infants should ride in rear-facing car seats with weight limits between 22 and 35 pounds. You should then buy a rear-facing convertible car seat for children up to 40 pounds, and then you can switch the seat to forward-facing once he or she reaches 70 pounds. When your child reaches a height of 4 feet and 9 inches, you should switch to a belt-positioning booster seat. Once your child outgrows the convertible car seat, you can move them to a belt-positioning booster seat.
  3. Install the car sear correctly. Incorrect installation of a car seat is the number one cause of child injuries in a car accident, according to the AAP. Common mistakes include looping seat belts through the wrong slots, not using a locking clip, not buckling up the child, or installing the seat too loosely. Correctly installed seats are unable to move more than an inch forward or to either side.

New parents are bound to be overwhelmed and confused about the wrong or right way to keep their child safe in their car seat. The safest solution is to prepare beforehand and know exactly the laws and safety regulations already in place to keep your child safe.

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