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Are There More Truck Accidents in the Summer?

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It is common to see an influx of drivers travelling on Tennessee highways during the summer. From May through August, people are driving through the state to get to a road trip destination, or they are travelling to and from work or other summer events. Have you noticed there are more trucks on the road as well? With an increase of truck drivers comes even more truck accidents resulting in serious injuries and fatalities.


Three family members were killed in Campbell County when a Dodge Caravan struck a loaded tractor trailer on I-75 South. This deadly accident occurred when there was heavy traffic on the interstate, and investigators are trying to determine whether constant start-and-stop traffic patterns resulted in the crash. Heavy traffic is more frequent during the summer because of the increase of drivers, which can result in many more accidents between trucks and other vehicles. Other reasons for truck accidents in the summer include:

• Hot weather. Hotter weather can result in tire pressures raising, and many trucks who have been traveling for a while might not have checked their tire pressure for several miles. Increased tire pressure can result in tire blowouts, which can easily make a tractor-trailer lose control and crash into surrounding vehicles on the road.
• Summer road construction. Many highways in Tennessee have an increase in road construction during the summer. This can create more hazards on the road, delays and traffic, which creates more truck accidents as a result.
• Long hours. Truck drivers are on the road for long and grueling hours, and sometimes they don’t stop to rest when they need to. Drowsy driving can be equally as dangerous as drunk driving.

If you have been a victim of a truck accident this summer in Tennessee, you could possibly be compensated for your injuries. Contact our Tennessee auto accident attorneys at the Law Office of Stanley A. Davis today for a free consultation.

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