What is a Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist?

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Tennessee is home to thousands of lawyers, but fewer than 300 are certified specialists in any area, and even fewer specialize in Civil Trial Advocacy. Attorneys are not required to obtain certification in a legal area to practice. Those who choose to do so must prove themselves experienced and committed to a specific aspect of law. A Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist, for example, must demonstrate substantial experience in the courtroom as well as submit samples of their legal work and pass a written exam. If you retain a Civil Trial Specialist, you know that he or she will go to court for you if necessary, as has the skills necessary to craft and deliver a quality argument on your behalf. Plus, the defense also knows this, meaning that they may be more willing to negotiate outside of court.

Nashville personal injury attorney Stanley A. Davis is a Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist and holds an additional certification in Civil Pre-Trial Advocacy. For the past 20 years, he has specialized in personal injury litigation, which has earned him a spot among the most prolific trial lawyers in Tennessee, as awarded by the Tennessee Jury Verdict Reporter, for multiple consecutive years. Stanley Davis uses his expertise in civil litigation to help his neighbors in Nashville and across Tennessee achieve justice in personal injury claims.

What are the Requirements for a Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist?

The National Board of Legal Specialty Certification (NBLSC) is the organization that oversees the guidelines for specialization. It recognizes qualified applicants for their achievements and experience by awarding specialist certifications. The certification standards are different for each practice area. To become a Civil Trial Specialist, an attorney must demonstrate:

  • Significant practice and good standing. Applicants must provide evidence of bar admission and good standing in their state of practice, as well as five years of experience in their practice area.
  • Substantial experience or involvement in a practice area. This means that at least 30 percent of an attorney’s legal experience and practice must involve civil trial litigation, during the past three years. The lawyer must also have handled at least 100 cases involving taking testimony. There are many additional requirements necessary to prove “substantial” involvement as well. In general, these relate to the number of times the applicant participated in different aspects of a trial, such as witness examinations and opening and closing arguments.
  • Continuing educational experience. An attorney must attend a certain number of legal seminars or classes during the three years prior to application. Teaching or writing books and/or articles also count toward this requirement.
  • Peer review. A lawyer must submit 10 to 12 references from fellow attorneys and judges. These must come from the relevant field of law, and cannot be from present partners, associates or family members.
  • Legal writing. Applicants must submit a sample of their legal writing that is no more than three years old. However, this does not have to be a previously published piece. Trial and appellate briefs as well as certain motions to the court also qualify.
  • Written exam. Finally, an attorney must pass an extensive, day-long exam in order to achieve specialization in a given field.

What are the Advantages of Hiring a Civil Trial Specialist?

Hiring a Civil Trial Specialist does not cost any more than hiring a less experienced lawyer. Nevertheless, having a specialist on your side does provide certain advantages in negotiations with insurance companies and other defendants. Firstly, if your case does go to trial, then you can be confident that your attorney has relevant litigation skills and expertise.

However, your most powerful advantage is having a lawyer who is known to be highly skilled in court. In most personal injury claims, the defendant is an insurance company and their team of attorneys. These defendants understand what Board Certification in Civil Trial Advocacy means, so they know that your lawyer has experience in court. This gives you and your attorney a negotiating clout. If the defense knows that your lawyer will not back down from a trial and has a history of success in litigation, then they may be more willing to negotiate a fair settlement out of court.

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After a car crash, trucking accident or other injury, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and other damages. A Civil Trial Specialist like Nashville personal injury attorney Stanley A. Davis can help ensure you get the recovery you deserve in a fair settlement or jury verdict. A Board Certified Specialist must maintain high ethical and professional standards, which are to your advantage in civil matters.

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