What are Common Types of Construction Accidents?

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Construction workers have a high rate of injury and fatal accidents compared to other professions. However, these work environments can be safe if workers and employees recognize dangers and work together to prevent construction accidents.

When others are careless in the workplace, construction accident attorney Stanley A. Davis is available to help injury victims pursue compensation through legal action. He knows what types of accidents typically occur on construction sites. He can then represent those hurt on the job.

What are Common Construction Accidents?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compiled an accident report on the most frequent causes of work injury. The following are some of the most common types of injuries in the construction industry that may be caused by failure to follow OSHA requirements/OSHA regulations:

  • Falls. OSHA calls falls one of the construction industry’s “fatal four,” which means it is a leading cause of fatal accidents in construction. When a worker falls from a ledge, scaffolding or another type of support above the ground, permanent injury and wrongful death can result. Construction sites need guard rails and other fall prevention devices to prevent injuries from falls.
  • Struck by an object. This injury is another of the “fatal four” in construction. It involves objects forcefully striking employees. About three out of every four struck-by fatal accidents involve heavy equipment, such as trucks or cranes. Vehicles, objects falling as well as collapsing buildings or structures can all cause struck-by incidents.
  • Electrocutions. An electrocution happens when workers come into contact with power lines, when no appropriate ground-faults exist or when electrical equipment is mismanaged or in poor condition. This type of accident is so serious and common enough that it is the third of OSHA’s “fatal four” types of construction accidents.
  • Caught-in or in-between. The final of the “fatal four” is similar to struck by object accidents, but caught-in or in-between accidents are typically the result of an object crushing, squeezing, pinching or compressing a worker between two objects. Examples include cave-ins and being pulled into or caught in equipment.

Not only are all of these injuries frequent in the industry, but they are also all likely to be fatal. Workers and employers need to put safety measures in place to prevent these types of accidents and other OSHA violations from occurring.

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