Personal Injury Case Timeline

Injured in an Accident? Review Our Personal Injury Settlement Timeline Before Scheduling a Free Consultation

a rendering of a car accident between a black car and red carWere you involved in a car accident? Are your injuries severe enough to prevent you from going back to work? Has the combination of lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering forced you into a deep depression? While you may feel hopeless, it is important to remember that you do have options. For example, another party’s negligent behavior may have caused your accident. If this is true, then you deserve to receive financial compensation for your injuries and other damages.

At the Law Office of Stanley A. Davis, we aggressively represent our clients throughout each phase of the legal process. Attorney Stanley A. Davis makes it his mission to hold negligent parties accountable. He has decades of experience fighting for car accident victims across Nashville and the surrounding areas. His passion for pursuing true justice has helped him obtain many personal injury settlements and verdicts.

In addition to his successful case record, attorney Stan Davis remains down to earth. He prides himself on his ability to empathize with accident victims. He knows that the legal system can seem scary. Thus, he has developed a guide to help prospective clients better understand the personal injury settlement timeline.

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Personal Injury Lawsuit Timeline: Table of Contents

chapter oneChapter One Scheduling a Free Consultation
Chapter TwoChapter Two Documents Needed During Your Initial Consultation
Chapter ThreeChapter Three Filing Paperwork: The Beginning of the Personal Injury Claims Process
Chapter fourChapter Four Seeking Medical Treatment After the Initial Consultation
Chapter fiveChapter Five Negotiating an Auto Accident Insurance Settlement
Chapter sixChapter Six Recovering Financial Compensation
Chapter SevenChapter Seven Auto Accident Settlement Timeline Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter One: Scheduling a Free Consultation

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The client intake process is something that most law firms overlook. However, if you contact a law firm during normal business hours, then you expect a prompt response. There are many ways to contact Nashville accident lawyer Stanley A. Davis.

First, you can give our office a call at (615) 845-6141. This is often the easiest way to schedule a free consultation.

Second, you can send him a message through our online contact form. The form requires you to fill out your name, email address and phone number. It also requires you to provide a brief description of your accident and resulting injuries. We monitor the email linked to this form closely. Thus, you can expect to receive a quick response. If you are in a crowded room, or simply hate talking on the phone, then this method is perfect for you.

Finally, you can reach out to attorney Stan Davis through our social media channels. We are on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to send us a direct message and tell us about your situation. We understand that this is a stressful time for you and your family. Thus, we promise to make your load lighter by communicating effectively and often.

Call Intake Process for Our Nashville Accident Lawyers

At the Law Office of Stanley A. Davis, providing a superior level of customer service is our primary goal. Here is our process for answering phone calls. Our secretary Morgan is typically the one who answers the phone. She will provide you with a friendly greeting and answer any basic questions that you may have. Then, she will direct your call to either our Paralegal Priscilla or our Legal Assistant Danielle. Priscilla and Danielle can answer any legal questions that you may have. They will also ask you several questions about your accident and injuries.

These questions include:

  • When did your accident happen?
  • What are your injuries?
  • Will you please tell us a brief description of what happened?
  • Did you or the other parties involved call the police?


After hearing your answers, Danielle or Priscilla will tell you if our firm can offer you assistance. If so, then they will let you know what comes next. Typically, the next step is a no-charge initial consultation. If you are suffering after a car accident or truck accident, then reach out to us immediately. We promise to respect your time and listen carefully to your concerns.

Chapter Two: Documents Needed During Your Initial Consultation

a graphic with a maroon circle as the background and a man's hands holding an accident report in the foreground

After answering some of our questions, we now understand the basic details of your accident. You are now ready for an initial consultation. Is it intimidating coming into a lawyer’s office? Of course. However, you have already talked to our friendly ladies on the phone. Thus, it is time to put a face to these voices.

During your initial consultation, we will listen carefully to your description of the accident. We will also ask you some follow up questions based on the information you provided to us earlier. Yet, we will need additional information to begin working on your case. Here is a list of what you should bring:

  • The accident report from the police. How do you get it? You should receive a Police Incident Report Slip from the officer who arrives at the crash site. It contains the case number, the reporting officer and directions for how to receive your report. It also has a phone number and address where you can pick it up. Unfortunately, as of now, you must pick it up in person.
  • Your insurance company declaration page. How do you get it? Call your auto insurance agent and say “I need my insurance company declaration page.” They will know what you need.
  • Your driver’s license. We will make a copy of it at our office. Why do we need it? We use it to verify your identity. Healthcare providers may request it. Also, the other party may request this information during discovery.
  • A list of doctors and healthcare facilities that you visited due to the accident. We need the name, phone number and address of the doctor you visited. There is no need for you to bring your medical records. We can submit a request for them on our own. We can also request an itemized billing statement from your healthcare provider.
  • Your insurance claim number. If you have already filed a claim, then please bring in your claim number. We also need the name of the person you spoke with when filing your claim. If you have not made a claim, then we can help you do so. Either way is fine. There is no need for you to worry.
  • Photographs of the accident. If you took photographs of the accident, then we would like to see them. Smartphone pictures are perfectly acceptable. Just bring what you have.

Chapter Three: Filing Paperwork: The Beginning of the Personal Injury Claims Process

a graphic with a maroon circle in the background and signed paperwork in the foreground

After your initial consultation, we will schedule another meeting to file paperwork. Our office is located in Brentwood on Maryland Way (off of I-65 and Old Hickory Boulevard). There is a giant eagle statue holding an American flag outside of our building. Feel free to park outside in the parking lot. Then, head up the elevator to the third floor. After exiting the elevator, Suite 309 is to the left at the end of the hall. When you walk in, you should see Morgan sitting at the front desk. She will escort you to our main conference room. Danielle or Priscilla will join you there shortly. Attorney Stan Davis may come in to say a quick hello.

Client Intake Form

Now, it is time for paperwork. However, do not worry. We do most of the filling out and filing right there for you. First, we are going to confirm the list of items you have with you. We may have some questions about them as we go. Second, we will begin filling out our intake form. A lot of information about the defendant is mentioned on this form. However, there is no reason to panic. Most of this will come directly from the accident report. This form goes into greater detail regarding who, what, when, where and how.

Standard Letter of Representation

Next, we will walk you through our Standard Letter of Representation. Your insurance company will receive this letter. What is it? It says that you give us permission to represent you. It also says that the insurance company should only talk to us moving forward. Are there exceptions to this rule? Of course. We will walk through those exceptions together when you are in our office.

Then, if you are on Medicare, we must fill out and submit a form to the Medicare office. What if you are not on Medicare? We still have to fill out the form and send it to them. They will monitor your health and recovery during this process.

Contract of Employment Between the Attorney and Client

Finally, we will fill out The Contract of Employment Between the Attorney and Client. This document gives us permission to represent your interests moving forward.

What does it cost to hire the Law Office of Stanley A. Davis? Nothing!

You will have no out of pocket expenses. What does that mean? If your case is successful, then we will receive payment out of your settlement or verdict. This includes the attorney fee, as well as any advanced expenses. Examples of advanced expenses include court filing fees, record requests, etc. If your case is unsuccessful, then we have to eat those expenses. All of them. This is why we carefully decide which cases to accept.

Additional Information

Once we fill out and file these documents, we can discuss the next phase of the personal injury settlement timeline. After you leave our office, we will submit the Standard Letter of Representation to your insurance company. We will also send out any medical record requests to your healthcare providers.

Additionally, you should expect to receive a list of “dos and don’ts” about the personal injury claims process. For example, never mention your case, accident or injuries on social media. At all. No pictures, comments or anything of the sort.

Chapter Four: Seeking Medical Treatment After the Initial Consultation

a graphic with a maroon circle in the background and medicine and a medical paperwork in the foreground

You have met us. You like us. You put your faith in us. What comes next? This is where it is all on you. You have to focus on your treatment and getting better. The amount of your verdict or settlement is directly related to your treatment. If you need to change doctors, see a new doctor or visit a new facility, then give us a call. We have to submit forms to each individual place. Yet, it is your job to focus on your recovery. You should take it very seriously.

Before we begin to negotiate on your behalf, we must know the full cost of your medical expenses. Thus, we need itemized medical records and bills. If you have lost wages, then we will give you a form to submit to your supervisor. He or she will return this form to us. Further, if there are other expenses, then send us what you get as it comes in. We will keep it organized.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Tennessee Car Accident Claims?

It is important to note that the statue of limitation in Tennessee for car accidents is one year. Therefore, we have one year from the date of your accident to file a lawsuit. Ideally, your treatment will end by then. However, if this is not the case, then we will still file and explain that things are evolving.

Additionally, we do not like to wait until day 365 to file a lawsuit. What if there is a clerical error? Or what if something changes drastically in your health? We always want room for error. Thus, we file several months in advance. So, as you send us your information about recovery, we are documenting everything in preparation for the lawsuit filing.

How Can I Stay in Touch While Receiving Medical Treatment

You can reach out to us by sending an email or placing a phone call (phone first). Please contact us if anything changes or needs to change in regards to your medical treatment. Attorney Stan Davis will be in touch when the firm receives a settlement offer for your case.

Chapter Five: Negotiating an Auto Accident Insurance Settlement

a graphic of a maroon circle in the background and two men shaking hands in front of money in the foreground

The next step in the personal injury settlement timeline is the most consequential. We will begin negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf. Based on your expenses, we are going to give the insurance company a suggested settlement. They may or may not accept it. However, we will call you to discuss every offer that comes our way. We prefer to discuss this over the phone. Yet, if you are unavailable, then we can communicate with you over email.

If we are unable to reach an agreement with the insurance company, then we may have to consider going to court. With that said, let us cross that bridge when we get to it. Every case is different. Thus, it is hard to know what will happen next.

Chapter Six: Recovering Financial Compensation

a graphic with a maroon circle in the background and a man handing out a check in the foreground

Now, let us talk about money. Remember, if you do not get paid, then neither do we. If your case is unsuccessful, then you owe us nothing. We are out of pocket for any expenses we fronted. However, if your case is successful, then the insurance company will send our Nashville law office three things.

  • The settlement check
  • A release
  • An order of dismissal

These three items are commonly referred to as “settlement docs.” Once we receive these settlement docs, we will invite you back to our office. You will need to sign the release and endorse the check. Then, by law, the check lands in an escrow account for seven days. Why is this done? To make sure the check clears. Have we ever had an insurance company check bounce? You bet we have. So, once the check clears, the account disperses the payments.

Auto Accident Settlement Timeline Frequently Asked Questions

a graphic of a circle maroon background with yellow text that reads FAQ in the foreground

Our accident attorney in Nashville has compiled a list of frequently asked questions about car accident claims. If you have more questions, then please contact our firm and speak to a member of our team.

How Much Is My Car Accident Case Worth?

The worth of your car accident case will depend on several factors. The extent of your injuries, the cost of your medical treatment and the negligence of each party can affect the amount of your settlement. Yet, it is important to remember that each individual case is different. Thus, only a Nashville accident lawyer can accurately assess the worth of your case.

How Long Does an Auto Accident Case Take to Settle?

It depends. A car accident case can take anywhere from a few months to a few years to reach a settlement. This is why we like to file your paperwork as quickly as possible. Many accident victims will want to receive financial compensation as quickly as possible. Yet, sometimes spending extra time on a case can make all the difference. Rushing the personal injury settlement timeline could result in a negative outcome for your case. This includes receiving a reduced settlement offer.

What Do I Do With My Settlement Check When I Get It?

You have received your settlement check. Now what? First, you must have a bank account to deposit a check greater than $2,000. If you have a bank account, then you should be able to deposit the settlement check like you would a normal check. Most banks will require you to have the settlement check deposited in your account. However, Regions Bank will let you cash a portion of it and deposit the rest.

How Much Does It Cost to Deposit My Check?

Nothing! There are no costs associated with depositing your check. Our office will help you handle this entire process. The only thing you should focus on is putting your money to good use.

Are Witnesses Required in a Car Accident Case?

It depends. If the other party was clearly liable for the accident, then there is no need for witnesses. Witnesses are only required if there are questions about liability. Your attorney would then have any eyewitnesses provide their testimony. If needed, he or she would call on expert witnesses to provide an in-depth analysis of your car accident case.

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