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Victim of Natchez Trace Hit-and-Run Gets New Bike from Donations

The man who suffered serious injuries in a hit-and-run on Natchez Trace will be back on the road soon. But when he hops back on a bike, it will be a shiny, new racing bike. Tyler Noe was riding with a friend on Natchez Trace with a friend on July 8. While they were riding, a black SUV sped up alongside them and hit Noe before fleeing the scene. Noe was thrown from his bicycle and suffered serious injuries, which he is still recovering from. Police tracked down the driver, who had taken stickers off his car and had cleaned the spot that hit Noe to avoid identification. When questioned, he blamed Noe, saying that Noe had thrown his bike at the car. Caught on Camera The kicker? The whole incident was caught on Noe’s friend’s head-mounted GoPro camera. The perpetrator confessed to the crime and was charged with assault…
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Driver in Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accident Facing Federal Charges

A Franklin man has been indicted on federal charges after fleeing the scene of a bicycle accident, caught on camera. On July 8, two bicyclists were riding in Williamson County when a car sped past them, knocking one over and causing serious injuries. The accident was captured on the other cyclist’s head-mounted camera. The footage was then posted online.  ` When the driver was found, authorities noted that he had removed stickers from the back of his vehicle to prevent identification. He claimed that one of the cyclists threw their bike at his car, an account directly contradicted by the video. He could be facing up to 12 years in prison on aggravated assault charges, up to five years for lying to a federal agent and up to 20 for obstruction of justice. Injured in a Hit-and-Run? Here’s What to Do If you have been injured in a hit-and-run, your…
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Updates on School Bus Seat Belt Laws in Tennessee

U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen is calling for a federal mandate on seat belts for school buses. The call comes in the wake of the devastating Chattanooga school bus accident in 2016, which killed six and injured over one dozen children. Cohen has long been an advocate for seat belts on school buses, a mantle he took up in the 1990s. Seat Belts on Buses Earlier this year, a bill passed that would require all school buses purchased after July 1 to have seat belts. But Cohen thinks this isn’t enough. He says that arguments that school buses are already safe enough have been eviscerated by studies done in California, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas and Missouri. Those studies said that compartmentalization of seats was not adequate to protect children in the event of side impacts or rollovers. Three-point seat belts, though, would. The major argument against seat belts, others have argued,…
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