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What Makes A Great Tennessee Personal Injury Attorney or Trial Attorney?

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Caring, Compassion, and Love for our clients make for the best Tennessee personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys who represent truck accident victims and car accident injury victims need to be well versed in the law, including evidence and the Rules of Civil Procedure. However, this attorney feel that what separates the mediocre attorneys from the great Tennessee trial lawyers is love for oneself, love for humanity, and most of all, love for our clients.

Fancy lawyer tricks, legal maneuvering, and slickness do not impress this Tennessee personal injury lawyer. I do not believe in meanness, hate, or wickedness as ways to win a personal injury case either. I believe that love, goodness, and righteousness make a great trial lawyer to represent truck accident or car accident injury clients.

Caring is contagious and if the lawyer cares for his clients, it will show. Love does not mean weakness and the lawyer must be firm. When we love, believe in our client’s cause, and care for them as one of God’s children, no amount of meanness, hate, or insurance company tricks can stop us from obtaining justice. This, in my opinion, makes for a great personal injury lawyer in the State of Tennessee and throughout the nation.

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